Septic Shock & the Idea Men


This is a follow-up to my previous post about Jim Henson’s possible involvement in creating the Zapruder film. I originally wrote this as a reply to this comment on the Fakeologist post that originally inspired my investigation. Here’s what I wrote (with a couple new additions):

Thanks, Tom. Yes, that LIFE cover can definitely be taken as a tell, with Kermit sitting in the the director’s chair! And while I appreciate the video, I do get the same creeping feeling about “Polarization Nation.” In fact, I’m wondering if this video being released at this time is no coincidence. A video that makes an intriguing suggestion about the Zapruder film being staged with the possible use of a prop body without really explaining it very well in a way that almost seems intentional. And with a focus on humor that renders it dismissible to the casual viewer.

And here’s another strange “coincidence” that makes me wonder if this is part of some kind of coordinated disclosure. I wrote the two replies about Henson’s death in response to tokarski’s comment below on the evening of January 9th just before going to bed. On January 11th, this story that appears to have been published on the 10th (the day after my comments) showed up on the Yahoo homepage:

From the article:

Within two days, Baughman’s health took a turn for the worse. He was running a fever on and off. On Wednesday, he went to a Westmoreland County emergency room, then was flown to UPMC Presbyterian in Pittsburgh where he died not even 24 hours later.

His mother said it was from complications from the flu. According to his family, he did not get a flu shot.

Organ failure due to septic shock caused by influenza,” she said. “It doesn’t seem real.”

It doesn’t seem real,” eh? Now, from Henson’s bio:

During the production of his 1990 projects, Henson traveled continuously. By late Spring, Henson began to experience recurring flu-like symptoms…

Following twenty hours in intensive care at New York Hospital, Henson died at 1:21 a.m. on May 16; he was 53 years old…

At the time of Henson’s death, doctor David Gelmont first announced that he died from Streptococcus pneumoniae, a bacterial infection that causes bacterial pneumonia. However, on May 29, Gelmont later confirmed that Henson’s cause of death was organ failure resulting from streptococcal toxic shock syndrome (caused by Streptococcus pyogenes).

More on Henson’s death and septic/toxic shock:

And I think I may have found a hidden Henson connection on “Kyler Baughman’s” Instagram. From last February:


An “Idea Man” with colored circles around him. Seem familiar? From Henson’s 1966 film The Idea Man that I discussed in my previous post:


Also, if you do a Google News search for Jim Henson, this story comes up from December 21st (18 days before PN’s video):

From the Dallas Observer, a story about the Jim Henson Co. making the puppets for a film project by a production company headed by a man named Dallas Sonnier. Dallas… Dealey Plaza? The company’s name is Cinestate which makes me think of cinema created by “The State.” The article mentions another one of Cinestate’s projects entitled Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich.

Another article about Cinestate from a week earlier shows a “corpse prop”:

If this is all just a coincidence, then we are definitely living in a magically synchronistic universe! So either that should be the “top news story” of the day OR that the “cine-state” is making propaganda films and presenting them as reality (while dropping in little hints for those with eyes to see).

There’s actually something else about the news report on Baughman’s death that could be a Muppet reference but I risk coming off like an insensitive psychopath if this tragic story really is true. Although I also have to wonder if the name “Baughman” could be a reference to “fake victim” Jeff Bauman from the Boston Marathon bombing. Anyway, I’ll just say to look at the mother’s physical appearance and listen to the father’s voice in the video. Remind you of any famous couple you’ve seen and heard before? Ugh, sorry!

And speaking of Muppet couples, I also have to say that Kyler and his fiancé (who seems to be taking his passing pretty well, judging from her expression in the above news report) look rather Muppet-like in their final photo together on Kyler’s Instagram. Is there a pair of recent Muppet or Sesame Street characters that wear similar hats? I have a vague image like that in my mind for some reason. Let me know in the comments if you know anything about it.

UPDATE (1/16/18):

I also wonder if Jim Henson reportedly dying of “toxic shock syndrome” could have a symbolic significance in that the JFK assassination shown in the graphically disturbing Zapruder film was a sort of “toxic shock” that infected the collective consciousness along with the “paranoid minds” of the conspiracy theorists who then spread all sorts of crazy stories about “who really killed JFK.”

Also, for those who didn’t see my replies about Henson’s death on the Fakeologist thread, as mentioned in his Wiki bio, the media first reported his cause of death as “pneumonia.” The Washington Post, New York Times and Los Angeles Times all originally reported this. Ask any person “What killed Jim Henson” and if they have an answer, it will invariably be “Pneumonia.” Well, you may recall one of the most memorable moments on The Muppet Show which was actually the first sketch in the show’s premiere episode:

That’s Henson himself voicing the “Mahna-Mahna” puppet. Well, try this… Go to Google and type “What killed Jim Henson?” and before you press enter, sing the question in the same tune as the twin pink Muppets sang “Doo-doo doo-doo-doo.” Now press enter and what do you see in big letters? Another possible inside joke and “famous last word” by Henson? We even have Kermit and the old men in the balcony pondering what “Mahna-Mahna” could mean. With the skit ending with Henson’s Muppet getting in one last “Mahna-Mahna” after leaving through the studio’s EXIT door, I have to wonder!



Jim Henson & the Zapruder Film


The other day, I saw a post on Fakeologist featuring this video by Polarization Nation suggesting that the “JFK” we see in the Zapruder film was actually a dummy controlled like a puppet, complete with sticks working the arms:

I think I can maybe see the sticks but it’s really difficult to tell. The Zapruder film quality is so poor, there could have been any number of editing points, especially during the blurry pan as the car passes behind the sign right before JFK appears to raise his hands to his throat. The idea of sticks controlling the arms immediately made me think of the “hand-rod” Muppets Jim Henson famously developed:


This gives a whole new meaning to the term “Puppet President!” I went back and looked into Jim Henson and see some indications that he may have been directly involved in the making of the Zapruder film!

First, according to the timeline in his Wiki bio, Henson was working on getting his newly-formed company Muppets Inc. off the ground around the time of the assassination, “working in commercials, talk shows, and children’s projects before being able to realize his dream of the Muppets as ‘entertainment for everybody.'” And then three years after the assassination on September 11, 1966, Henson appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show in his first prime time national television broadcast that “greatly increased exposure, which led to hundreds of commercial appearances by Henson characters throughout the sixties.”

A couple months before his big break on Ed Sullivan, Henson and his Muppets co-hosted the daily afternoon program The Mike Douglas Show for a week. On the July 20 episode, Henson performed The Idea Man which consisted of a short film projected behind a live puppet act. Well, the specter of JFK actually makes an appearance in the film in a very suggestive way! Here’s the film by itself without the puppet. I’ll be focusing on the section between 1:49-1:52 where some important fleeting images appear (including JFK’s head):

It will be best to download this video so you can watch it frame-by-frame. First, at 1:12 the “Idea Man” talks about how “many of the good ideas have already been taken,” including “television” and “atomic energy” and “lots more, too” where at 1:45 we see a quick stream of images pop up on the screen for fractions of a second at a time. At 1:49, we see a car roll by with a film camera below it (JFK’s motorcade filmed by Zapruder?).


This is followed by a puppet shown in profile with a gun pointing at it. That particular puppet is named Kukla from the show Kukla, Fran and Ollie which was apparently a huge influence on Henson’s work. “Kukla” literally means “puppet” or “doll” in several languages.


So we see Kukla in profile with a gun pointing at him and then a second later, we see JFK’s head in profile in the same spot on screen with a large red dot in front of it (the bloody head-shot explosion?). If you watch it frame-by-frame, you’ll see holes start to appear in JFK’s head making it sort of disintegrate and dissolve, recalling what we saw happen to his head in the Zapruder film. The Muppet Wiki entry on The Idea Man calls the dissolving of Kennedy’s head “an apparent reference to the real Kennedy’s fate.” Below Kennedy’s head we also see Henson’s Muppet Yorick which is described as a “skull.” I’m not sure what the image is above his head. Any ideas?


We then see a motor boat speeding away (similar to the motorcade limo?) followed by a rear shot of a woman in a bikini who you could argue looks similar to Jackie Kennedy holding a pink ball/dot under her arm.


Clint Hill, the Secret Service agent famously seen jumping on the back of JFK’s car in the Zapruder film, has stated that when we see Jackie crawling out of the vehicle onto the back of the car, she was “reaching for a piece of the President’s skull which had been blown off.” So I wonder if this “pink dot” could be a reference to that. As for the bikini, it looks quite similar one seen worn by Jackie Onassis 11 years later in 1977 (while carrying a bag under her arm). I’m not saying the swimsuits are exactly the same, just that the figure seen in The Idea Man could represent Jackie Kennedy:


A second later at 1:52, we then see Henson’s most famous hand-rod Muppet, Kermit the Frog, next to an airplane. Perhaps an indication of “ideas” to come (9/11)?


Now, if the film The Idea Man had been made before the JFK assassination, it would certainly be massively incriminating! But it was made 3 years later in 1966, so one could reasonably argue that the section I pointed out may have been a “tribute” to JFK and his “tragic death.” But still, I have to wonder if this was some kind of hint/admission of Henson’s involvement in the violent “puppet show” we saw in the Zapruder film.

The images go by so fast, its easy to miss them, let alone assess their possible symbolic meaning. At the time it was shown on The Mike Douglas Show, viewers had no way of pausing the broadcast and looking at it frame-by-frame. In addition, the appearance of JFK’s head in the version shown on that program is even more difficult to see and perhaps that was intentional? Here’s that episode for comparison (the film is shown at 5:25):

At the beginning of the segment following the performance, they reveal how the floating face puppet was controlled with Henson and his team crouching below the screen working the machinations:

Although this particular puppet is different from the “hand-rod” type, this could also be a hint/admission as to how the “JFK puppet” was similarly controlled. If you grew up watching The Muppet Show, you will remember that comical violence was often used, sometimes in a way that would be quite disturbing to the young audience (I personally remember being scared by it regularly). It seems like the Zapuder film would be something straight up Henson’s alley.

In another interesting item of note, when Henson died in 1990, he was memorialized on the cover of LIFE magazine:


Notice the name Kennedy also appears on the cover with hand-rod Muppet Kermit the Frog sitting in a director’s chair!

And just to add another piece (which may be a bit of a stretch), I found what could be a hidden meaning in the name “Zapruder.” I first noticed the word “prez” can be found in it. The remaining letters can be arranged to spell “daru.” So we have “Prez daru.” The word daru refers to the wood taken from sacred Neem trees for the Hindu Nabakalebara celebration which involves “a symbolic recreation of wooden forms of the four deities at Jagannath Temple, Puri.” Each deity is called a “daru” (e.g. Jagannath daru). Apparently, Henson was no stranger to Hinduism. In his 1982 movie The Dark Cyrstal, the original design of the lead puppet Jen was originally meant to be blue, in homage to the Hindu deity Rama, but this idea was scrapped early on.”

So a “Prez daru” could be seen as a wooden idol (a moving one being a puppet) used in a sacred ritual ceremony (the mock assassination presented in the Zapruder=Prez daru film) which elevated JFK to the level of a deity! To take it one step further, could the name “Rose Kennedy” appearing on the LIFE cover memorializing Henson be a statement about how the Muppet director’s Zapruder film masterpiece “rose” Kennedy to that mythical god-like status?

Finally, further connecting the JFK assassination with puppetry, we have the silly “Lambchop debate” between traditional conspiracy theorists where it is suggested that in the motorcade limo, Jackie Kennedy was holding a stuffed doll or puppet similar to Shari Lewis’ famous puppet Lamb Chop. Some wild theories even suggest Jackie was hiding a gun inside the puppet and she shot her husband with it!

Misdirecting disinfo theories aside, the figure of a puppet being introduced into the official conspiracy meme could be yet another indication, in addition to what I have shown here, that entertainment history’s greatest “puppet master” Jim Henson may have in fact been the “Idea Man” who directed what is arguably the most infamous and influential 26.6 seconds of “amateur” film ever recorded, helping to spawn the entire “conspiracy theorist” scene as we know it!

UPDATE (1/13/18):

Make sure to check out my follow-up post here for some interesting new developments!

Michael Wolff & Mike Myers in Sheep’s Clothing


As much as I don’t want to go “full Goldbug” I have to suspect there could be some “cheeky monkey” business going on here!

Seriously, the voice is a very close match as well. Listen to Myers in this interview from last year:

And compare it to the recent Today Show interview with Michael Wolff (Michael Myers in sheep’s clothing?):

Could “Michael Wolff” be a real-life person who looks similar enough to Mike Myers that he is currently being “played” by him as part of an elaborate media prank? I dunno, either that or we are being sneakily manipulated into thinking it’s possible that he is!

It seems I’m not the only one who’s noticed the similarity, judging from these two reddit threads:

In recent weeks, I noticed a couple “Sponsored news stories” pop up on Yahoo and other places offering click bait links with the headline “The Real Reason Why Hollywood Stopped Casting Mike Myers.” Here’s a video on the subject from back in February:

And searching “whatever happened to Mike Myers,” I see there have been some relatively recent articles about this:

With this one having a particularly suggestive headline:

Mike Myers Returns to the Spotlight in the Weirdest Way Possible: The comedian has resurfaced for one of his strangest concept projects to date.

I still don’t really know what to think of all of this but I really doubt it’s all a coincidence. I’ll have to look more into this “Michael Wolff” character and see if there are any more Mike Meyers connections. YIKES, BABY!

‘Angry Birds’ & the Andrew Finch Shooting


As usual, my take on this recent “controversial” shooting event is that the unknowing public is getting punk’d once again. As soon as I saw the name “Finch” and this exclusive interview presented by The Wichita Eagle (the logo of which makes a curious appearance at a key moment), I knew something was up. Here’s the interview:

So we have a bird theme going on here. And since this event involves gaming and is one that will surely incite much anger among the masses, I thought I should look into “Angry Birds” (something I knew next to nothing about). Well, here’s what I found…

I first looked to see if SWAT had anything to do with the Angry Birds universe. Sure enough, there appears to be “SWAT Sargent” pig character in the Angry Birds Evolution game:

His job is to “shout propaganda to rally the other pig combatants.” Very interesting. There also appears to be a squad of “SWAT pigs” in the games and cartoons that cause problems for the birds. A notable appearance by them can be found in the cartoon episode entitled “Toy Hoggers”:

Back in the castle, King Pig was sleeping but then has a horrifying nightmare of the teddy bear. This caused him so much panic that he proceeded to retrieve the teddy bear with Foreman Pig’s help. They returned to where King Pig abandoned it, only to find Terence sitting on a nearby hill with the bear in his possession. King Pig ordered Foreman Pig to retrieve the teddy bear in any way. Soon, the SWAT pigs arrived and surrounded Terence with the news reporting on the event.

This moment in the cartoon can be found at 1:12 in the following video:

Now this may be a bit of a stretch but I noticed that when the SWAT pig helicopters start swarming in, the scene pans up showing a house that looks somewhat similar to the “one-story” Finch residence shown in Lesta Nediam‘s video here:

Here’s a comparison:


Regardless, let’s move on to the most interesting connection to the Finch story. So the SWAT team and media swarm to the scene where the bird character Terence is essentially holding King Pig’s teddy bear hostage (Wichita police were told there was a “hostage situation” at the Finch residence). Wow, that Terence is one big, fat, angry red bird! Here’s his character profile:

Here’s the moment when Red first meets Terence in The Angry Birds Movie:

Images show how much his size stands out from the rest of the birds who tend to huddle and flock around him:




Remind you of anyone?


And for another Angry Birds connection, take another look at the interview. At 1:03, there’s a cut and zoom on big red momma bird Lisa Finch as she angrily declares “My son was not a gamer.” At this moment, the logo for The Wichita Eagle suddenly appears in the upper left corner, looming over the scene:


In the Angry Birds universe, there is a mysterious, legendary character called the Mighty Eagle:

Here’s the scene in The Angry Birds Movie where the Mighty Eagle who “sees all and knows all” is finally revealed, similarly looming over the lesser birds:

The scene kinda makes you wonder if they’re “taking the piss” with this shooting story. Seems like they’re trying to rile us up and pit the “angry birds” against the reckless, power-abusing “pigs” once again!

EDIT: Also, not that this means much (if anything) but I also noticed something interesting when I did a Google search for “Angry Birds” and “SWAT.” The very first result was this video from the Fun4YoungKids channel with the curious title “ANGRY BIRDS Evolution // #11 CHAPTER 9 – UNDER SIEGE – SWAT SERGEANT”:

Kurt, Courtney & the Westminster Terror Attack


This is a great example of how the unconscious mind quickly registers things and forms connections. Whether the connections in this case can tell us anything about the true nature of the Westminster “terror attack,” I can’t say for sure. But they’re definitely there, intentional or not.

So back in March, a couple days after the attack, I was reloading the Yahoo homepage when I caught a quick glimpse of the thumbnail image and headline of this article:

American tourist named as third victim of London terror attack


I saw it for only a second before the page reloaded, but the image of the man with the guitar instantly struck me as familiar. “Was that Kurt Cobain?” I thought. I’d managed to catch the words “American,” “victim” and “terror” and figured it had to do with the London attack. I searched for the article and sure enough, there the guy was, striking a guitar pose similar to an iconic image from Nirvana’s Unplugged performance. The guy didn’t actually look much like Cobain but there had definitely been some underlying similarity that triggered my unconscious mind to make the connection.


And then I saw the guy’s name… Kurt Cochran. WTF? That’s quite a coincidence seeing as I only made the connection with Kurt Cobain from a quick glimpse at the photo. Then I looked more into his story:

In both articles, it is emphatically stated that Kurt and his wife were both Americans. In the Daily Mail article we see numerous references to Trump’s statement calling Kurt Cochran “a great American.” The same article also says “They thought they were on a dream vacation…” and “A Utah couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on a dream tour of Europe are among the victims of the London terror attack.”

American Dream, eh? Well, the attack took place on March 22, 2017. I recall that Cobain died around the same time of year back in 1994. April 5th, to be exact. I went and looked at the timeline of events leading up to his death. On March 22, 1994, two weeks before he died, Cobain’s reported activities are as follows:

Four days later, a Graytop Taxi was called to the couple’s home. The driver, Leon Hasson, said the two quarreled viciously in the back seat while en route to a used-car lot at Westlake and Denny Way.

After giving him a generous tip, they departed and resumed their argument in front of the owner and an employee at the American Dream used car lot. Love had wanted Cobain to keep a Lexus they had purchased Jan. 2 but returned a few days later; Cobain was more comfortable with something less luxurious.

American Dream used car lot? Americans Kurt Cochran and his wife Melissa were reportedly hit by a car driven by a crazed ISIS terrorist while on their “dream vacation” in London exactly 23 years later to the day. They were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. Cobain and Love were also married 25 years earlier on February 24, 1992. Yet another curious collection of coincidences!

Just for the record, the Cobains’ March 22 car-related activities are restated in this passage from the book Love & Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain here:


But there’s more… Also from the Daily Mail article:

Kurt Cochran, 54, died after being thrown over Westminster Bridge onto a walkway beneath it when ISIS terrorist Khalid Masood mowed him down in his Hyundai 4×4.

Here’s an alleged shot of his body with the caption “Mr Cochran hurled over the parapet and landed on the concrete walkway under the bridge.”


I guess you could say Mr. Cochran was something in the way of Masood’s car which then hurled him underneath the bridge (listen to the first line of the song below):

And then there’s his surviving wife Mrs. Cochran striking a dramatic “Live Through This” pose in perhaps the most famous image from the event:


Kurt Cobain’s surviving wife also seemed to spend a good portion of her time lying on the ground for blonde hair-flowing photo ops:


In fact, there is one specific photo of Courtney in a prone position that lines up in more ways than one with the famous photo of Melissa Cochran bleeding on the Westminster Bridge.

On 3/2/17, Courtney shared this photo on Facebook:


And then 20 days later on 3/22/17, the world saw this dramatic photo of Melissa Cochran:


3/2/17 & 3/22/17. Both blond women are lying prone with strangers’ hands grabbing them. Both appear to be bleeding from the mouth.

The image of Courtney love was previously posted four years ago on this site with a caption:

Courtney Love stage diving, 14.11.94

“I think that’s what the stage diving was about. Like “Alright, kill me. Crucify me. Get me, come on. Tear my breasts off. Take off my underwear. Little shreds. Go on, do it. Take out my hair. Break my arms, break my teeth.” I lost a tooth. You see, right here. (points with her finger) They knocked it out. I got a cap.” – Courtney Love, 1997.

I suppose the blood under her mouth is from her knocked-out tooth? And speaking of blood, you also see a pool of blood under Melissa Cochran’s right arm in her photo.

Courtney Love happens to have a tattoo on her right arm that says “Let it Bleed”:


On 3/22/17, the day of the Westminster attack, Courtney shared this post on Facebook:


#LiveThroughThis. How appropriate!

On her Twitter that same day, she posted this:


This is supposedly from the set of some film production she was working on. Seeing as the alleged terrorist smashed his car into the gate at Westminster Palace after killing Kurt Cochran and injuring his wife Melissa, the sign reading “Bull(shit) AT LARG” seems appropriate as well!

Further connecting the Cochrans and the Cobains, we also have London mayor Sadiq Khan’s strange pronunciation choice for the name “Cochran” at 6:02 in his oddly stilted speech following the attack.

Sounds like he could use a lesson from Zira:

Finally, I wondered to myself if there would be some kind of memorial service on April 5th, the day Kurt Cobain died 23 years ago. And sure enough, there was a service for the victims at Westminster Abbey that very day with Kurt’s “grieving widow” Melissa in attendance!

Watch her tears and listen to her words in the interview video. Below the video in the above article, Melissa’s “tagline” is emphasized in big letters: ‘It crushed me.’

[The image below is a screen shot, not a playable video. Go back to the BBC article to watch the video.]


The moment leading up to that line at 1:06 in the video is strange to say the least. We see Melissa smiling as she says her parents told her Kurt “didn’t make it” followed by a sudden mood change when she says it “crushed” her.

Well, everyone grieves differently, right? Is smiling just her way of emotionally dealing with the loss? Or is this all a ploy and she’s really a shrewd, conniving ACTRESS?

Let’s search some keywords and see if we can find another example for comparison. We’ll try searching “grieving widow,” “crying” and “crushed” and let’s just add “kurt” in honor of her late husband:

What’s that there in the top search result? Why it’s an article from roughly a year earlier about some angry Facebook rants written by Kurt Cobain’s former girlfriend, singer Mary Lou Lord, directed at his “grieving widow” Courtney Love. It appears she supports the popular conspiracy theory that he was actually murdered:

One particular passage stands out to me considering Mrs. Cochran’s peculiar style of grieving:

You BELONG in a theater. You are an actress. You were never you. You are the BEST actress i have ever seen, as a matter of fact…..YOU SOLD A LIE. And you fucked up SO many lives. NEVER ever FUCK with me again you cunt, cause I will crush you. I have waited 26 years for this. And it’s time. I will crush you. You are a self serving sociopath. Congrats on all the money that you got, that was never YOURS to begin with. You are scum. And I am about to CRUSH YOU.

And speaking of “all the money you got”:

I dunno. Maybe these curious “cross references” are just another collection of random, meaningless coincidences. But the fact that this memorial service and interview took place on April 5th, the 23rd anniversary of Cobain’s death, remains.

How many connections between the Cochrans and Cobains do I need to show to establish the likelihood that the married couple are merely fictionally created characters in a fabricated “terror attack” drama? And what does this possibly say about the “tragic death” of Kurt Cobain as well?

Thor, Conan & Bowie’s Ghost


Here’s an especially complicated find also from June of 2016. Another “dubious decapitation,” this time in Minnesota:

Minn. man beheads buddy for allegedly raping his girlfriend, cops say

In Itasca County, MN to be specific (as mentioned in the article), which is our first hint that this story may not be all that it seems:

The county is named after Lake Itasca, which is in turn a shortened version the Latin words veritas caput, meaning ‘truth’ and ‘head’, a reference to the source of the Mississippi River.

Interesting location for a decapitation, eh? Now for some TRUTH! Speaking of interesting locations, murder suspect Joseph Christian Thoreson’s girlfriend was allegedly raped by his good friend Alexander Haiman (who he later killed and beheaded) at their apartment in Grand Rapids (Rape-ids?):

When Thoresen told his girlfriend early last week that Haiman was coming over to their Grand Rapids, Minn., apartment, however, she was not having it.

“She was upset and told Thoresen that [Haiman] raped her in their bedroom,” according to the complaint.

Note the date of the complaint of 6/28/16. That will come into play later. But now let’s look at the curious names of the decapitator and his victim: Joseph Christian Thoreson and Alexander Haiman.

So we have the name “Thor” in Minnesota, home of The Vikings. Not too unusual, I guess, with that state’s abundant Scandinavian population. Apparently, Marvel Comics superhero Thor has done his share of beheading, including that of his arch-nemesis Loki in this installment. Again, not very unusual for a comic book superhero. Alone, these connections are pretty weak.

But looking at Thoreson’s mugshot, I see something familiar. An uncanny resemblance to a famous face who also shares his name with a comic book hero. You’re going to have to look closely and try not to be too literal-minded. The idea here is that there is possibly an intended subliminal resemblance between these two men that registers only on the unconscious level (for most of us, lol). It was difficult to find appropriate shots for a good comparison, so please bear with me.




Again, this requires you to stretch your perception a bit. In this ultra-low-quality shot from Thoreson’s Facebook page, I can see a definite Conan resemblance, but that’s not saying much!


If you’ll grant me this Conan connection, things are about to get very interesting! First off, Conan the Barbarian is associated with a pair of famous beheading scenes with a theme of revenge and comeuppance (similar to Thoreson’s beheading of Haiman):

Next, we move on to the name of Thoreson’s victim Anthony Haiman, which provides an interesting connection to Conan O’Brien by way of… David Bowie. Bowie had reportedly died roughly 5-6 months before this beheading in Minnesota. When I read the name “Haiman,” I immediately thought “Hey, man,” a phrase repeated throughout Bowie’s classic song “Suffragette City.”

Well, unfortunately, video evidence of this occurring no longer exists on the teamcoco website, but there are still references to it. On June 28, 2016 which was the exact same day Thoreson was charged with murdering and beheading Haiman, the kids from “The School of Rock” appeared on the Conan O’Brien show and performed David Bowie’s “Suffragette City!” Here are several references, including the schedule listing on Conan’s official site (also interesting that Scandinavian actor Alexander Skarsgard appeared on that same episode):—conan-on-tbs/youtube_700152d4-21db-5d10-a69d-7b2f67699b52.html


Also interesting is that exactly a week earlier on June 21, Conan made a joke about Minnesota on his show:


To add another wrinkle, many believe “Suffragette City” to be about a bisexual love triangle between two men and a woman. See here and here. Well, there could be a similar theme in the tragic story of Thoreson, his girlfriend and Haiman. First, there may be some homoerotic hinting between the two male friends (from this article):

It’s unclear how the two (Thoreson and Haiman) knew each other, but an old Facebook page under Thoresen’s name says he once was in a relationship with a Brittany Haiman. The same account suggests a “fast” and “rough” lifestyle.

“Today we shall enjoy but tonight we play rough,” reads a post from June 21, 2013. Another post boasted of “damn good sex.” A third said he couldn’t sleep because “life’s too fast sometimes.”

Regardless, there was some kind of “sex triangle” at the very least between the three of them with Haiman’s alleged “rape” of Thoreson’s girlfriend which could be described by the phrase “Wham bam, thank you, m’am!” exclaimed in Bowie’s song. This could also refer to the girlfriend’s alleged beating of Haiman (who agreed to be tied up as penance for his misdeed). “Suffragette City” also includes the lyrics “Oh, hit me.” Again from the article:

When Thoresen told his girlfriend early last week that Haiman was coming over to their Grand Rapids, Minn., apartment, however, she was not having it.

“She was upset and told Thoresen that [Haiman] raped her in their bedroom,” according to the complaint.

When Haiman arrived, she confronted him, punching him repeatedly, she later told police.

Haiman “agreed to be tied up and beat up,” according to the complaint. “She tied up [Haiman] in the bedroom, she punched [him] in the face and broke his nose and kicked him in the gut.”

The girlfriend then untied Haiman before Thoresen joined in the beating, punching him and telling him that he “should not have raped ‘my girl,’ ” the complaint says.

This idea of a female victim turning the tables and beating her abuser also echoes the theme of the empowering women’s suffrage movement. I told you this one was complicated! And I haven’t even gotten to the craziest part yet…

Well, get a load of this. In June of 1983, 33 years (lol) before this beheading in Minnesota in June of 2016, Issue #39 of Marvel’s “What If…” series was entitled What If Thor Battled Conan.


Here are selected parts of the plot described on this blog which share some amazing parallels with the Thoreson-Haiman drama!

Of course, as is so often the case in Conan team-ups, he and his Norse opponent fight one another to a standstill and agree to cease their struggle, opting instead to become boon companions. Conan and Thor then set off to engage in a little robbery to fill their purses, which Thor considers dishonorable, despite the Cimmerian’s claim that one must do what one must to survive. Flush with cash, the pair go out drinking together and Thor asks Conan about the gods of this age. Conan’s none too keen on the subject, but he nevertheless tells Thor of Crom and his indifference to men and, for some reason, Thor feels compelled to seek out the Cimmerian deity’s mountaintop home. Apparently having nothing better to do, Conan joins him.

And from the Minnesota story, after Thoresen and his girlfriend beat up Haiman:

At first, it appeared as if that would be the end of the rape allegation. The three talked about “scoring some bud” before driving off in Haiman’s car in search of marijuana, according to the complaint. As they drove, Haiman sat in the back, untied, according to the complaint.

…After a short drive, the three stopped in Deer River to smoke marijuana with friends.

Then they made another stop in the even smaller town of Ball Club, where they smoked some meth, according to the complaint.

And then from the comic book:

As you’d expect, Thor will have none of this and tries to whack Crom with his hammer — to no avail. Crom simply catches Mjolnir and casts it away into the wilderness, far from Thor and Conan. Dejected, Thor returns to Conan, who witnessed none of this. He explains to the Cimmerian that, “I am Thor, thunder god of Asgard, a divinity of a later age. But Crom has stripped me of my one link with home, my hammer Mjolnir –“

Meanwhile in Minnesota:

After cutting off his friend’s head, Thoresen “threw it in the woods,” according to the complaint.

Thor’s separation from his hammer, which you could say is essentially part of his body, ultimately kills him. I imagine there are more details in the actual comic that may also apply to this news story.

SO WTF IS GOING ON HERE??? Are minor news stories like this really fabricated to a level of precision and detail that defies all rational belief and explanation? Is it possible former Harvard Lampoon writer Conan O’Brien had a direct hand in crafting this along with some comic book geek writers? Or am I simply reading too much into all of this and seeing something that is not there? Or is this evidence that reality itself is somehow “fabricated” as part of a grand cosmic “hoax?” Leave your comments below!

Burning Love & the Trial of the Padawan


Continuing with the Star Wars theme from my previous post, here’s another dubious story that made the news rounds that very same week in 2016 that appears to reference the series as well:

Cops: Woman Burned Alive by Ex-Boyfriend as People Drove Past and Did Nothing

One of the main things I look for as an indication that a news story may have been fabricated is the inclusion of odd names of the characters involved. In this tragic tale of love gone wrong, the two principles have names that sound like they could be hinting at something: Sara Di Pierantonio and Vincenzo Paduano.

When I first saw this story, I immediately broke down the last name “Pierantonio” into “pier” and “Anthony” and checked to see if there were any other recent stories featuring those elements. Sure enough, there was a story from roughly a month earlier that also featured the element of fire!

Fire breaks out at site of former Anthony’s Pier 4

So this was a big red flag to me that this story was perhaps not all that it seems. The name of the jealous boyfriend who reportedly burned Pierantonio alive also rang a bell. “Paduano” made me think of “Padawan” from the Star Wars lexicon:

A classic example of a Padawan-Jedi relationship can be found between young Padawan Anakin Skywalker and Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, a loving relationship that also turned deadly and ended in fire!

At 0:18 in this scene from Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, we see Anakin leap from what is essentially a “burning pier” (Anthony’s Pier 4) onto a piece of debris in a river of lava in his duel with Obi-wan, which ends with him getting his legs cut off and burned alive:

The injured Anakin screams “I hate you!” as Obi-Wan declares his love for Anakin and pleads with him not to betray him and the light side of The Force. Seeing that Anakin has made his choice, Obi-wan turns away from his helpless former protege and allows him to slip into the lava and be consumed by fire.

The idea of love destroyed by perceived betrayal is also echoed in the story between the two young Italian lovers as well as the idea of witnesses reportedly driving by and “doing nothing” as the woman burned alive. Here’s another article on the story with the graphic mental image of her “face set on fire” specifically:

Student dies after ‘face is set on fire’ in horror attack by jilted boyfriend

At 3:20 in the Star Wars fight scene, we see Anakin’s burning face screaming in pain as we might imagine Sara did after her jilted boyfriend set her ablaze. There are also some parallels between Paduano’s actions and the “Jedi Trials” described in the Star Wars universe.

The Jedi Trials was a process that Padawans of the Jedi Order took in order to achieve the rank of Jedi Knight. During the trial, Padawans must go through nine steps of trial: teamwork, isolation, fear, anger, betrayal, focus, instinct, forgiveness, and protection.

From the Rome story:

Paduano had followed the college student as she left her current boyfriend’s house, police said. He allegedly rammed her car, forcing it to the side of a street, and got in.

Paduano did not accept “being abandoned” by Di Pietrantonio, Monteleone said. He “organized (and) planned the aggression,” she said.

Mr Silipo added: “He couldn’t accept the fact he was left by her when she ended the relationship.”

I seems Paduano, tormented by the trials of isolation, anger and betrayal, failed the trial of forgiveness in the most gruesome way imaginable!

Further connecting the story to Star Wars, we have this photo of Paduano in happier times:


This is reminiscent of Anakin Skywalker and his faithful droid R2-D2 in happier times:


In case you think this is a stretch, comparisons between R2 and this one-eyed “Minion” character have been made before:

Furthermore, the story taking place in Rome may also be another connection. Some say the Star Wars saga was partially inspired by the history of ancient Rome:

The political institutions of “Star Wars”—such as the Senate, Republic and Empire—and the pseudo-Latin names of characters such as chancellors Valorum and Palpatine echo those of ancient Rome. As Tony Keen notes in “Star Wars and History,” the architecture on the planet Naboo resembles that of imperial Rome, and the pod race in “The Phantom Menace” rivals that of the Roman chariot race seen on screen in “Ben-Hur.” The transition from the democratic Galactic Republic to the dictatorial Galactic Empire over the course of the franchise also mirrors that of ancient Rome. “It is plain that the basic structure of Lucas’s history derives from the fall of the Roman Republic and the subsequent establishment of a monarchy,” Keen writes.

Some fans apparently agree.

In an interesting Italian inter-connection, we also see young Killian Gonzalez from my previous post eating spaghetti in the featured photo from his GoFundMe page:


The fact that these two stories appeared within a week of each other seemed to hint that “Star Wars tragedy” was in the air. The reported “death” of Carrie Fisher some six months later appears to confirm that!

Princess Leia & the Headless Hoax-boy


With the new Star Wars movie currently out in theaters featuring the late Carrie Fisher’s final performance as Princess Leia, I think this “dubious decapitation” story from last year deserves a another look. The cultural references here are so striking and numerous, it may be the kind of story you can share with a friend or family member who is still unconvinced of the existence of media hoaxes. Attempting to bring light to those still in the dark side’s Vader-like mind-grip can be treacherous, however. So remember to choose wisely, young Padawan!


So back in early June of 2016, this incredible story hit the headlines:

4-year-old internally decapitated, survives without surgery

Internally decapitated? Well, apparently it’s a real thing. But was it “real” in this case? Let’s take a look…

First read the article and watch the news report. If the page ends up disappearing, I’ll provide a backup video on my YouTube channel. In the report, we immediately see some hints that the story is not all that it seems. The most obvious sign of shadiness is the standard “tear-free crying” by the two ladies interviewed, the boy’s mother and the hero who “saved his life.”

We also see some curious family photos at 0:48. We’re first shown the full collection then the camera cuts to focus on two of them:


In the right photo, the boy’s head is tilted back in an odd manner, giving the appearance of a neck injury. In the left photo, we see him with a skull on his helmet. This is a boy who’s skull was later detached from his spine (allegedly).

And if “nutty numbers” mean anything to you, we have some odd wording on the GoFundMe page linked in the article:

By not fusing the spine they are working outside the box so to speak. Anything you read will say to fuse. But his neurosurgeon has been 3 for 3 in just wearing the collar.

As suspicious as they may be, none of these apparent anomalies are smoking guns and can be reasonably explained away by someone inclined to believe the story. The Star Wars references, however, are much more difficult to dismiss!

First, there’s the boy’s name, Killian Gonzalez. Kilian and Kilia are part of the Star Wars lexicon. There is a character named Kilian in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars:

We see an image of Kilian looking a bit cross-eyed with a fancy beard that resembles a chin-strap. Compare this to an image if the injured Killian looking rather cross-eyed with a neck brace similarly nestled under his chin:


The neck brace also looks similar to the neck piece on Darth Vader’s suit:


This “miracle boy’s” amazing tale of survival rivals that of Anakin Skywalker after getting partially dismembered and burnt to a crisp in his fight with Obi-Wan in Episode III!

In addition to the character Kilian in the animated series, there are a number of other references to the name in the Star Wars universe.

There are the Kilian Rangers who hail from the planet Kilia IV in the Kilia star system, the central star of which is called Kilian. These all appear to be named after Kilian Plunkett, a Star Wars artist. There’s also a science-fiction novel unrelated to Star Wars entitled The Killian Star (“It’s the year 777,” lol).

The last name Gonzalez also has a Star Wars connection:

Gonzalez is a patronymic surname meaning “son of Gonzalo.” The given name Gonzalo comes from the medieval name Gundisalvus, which was the Latin form of a Germanic name composed of the elements gund, meaning “war” or “battle” and salv which is of unknown meaning.

So if Kilian is a star and Gonzalez essentially means “son of war,” then we have “Star Wars” right there in the name of the star of this story, Killian Gonzalez!

We also have a Star Wars connection with the hero of the story, Leah Woodward (Princess Leia), who reportedly held the boy’s head still for 30 minutes while waiting for paramedics.

In the news report, we hear a (not) tearful Brandy Gonzalez lament about not being able to see her injured boy because he’s being treated at a separate hospital. He’s at Saint Luke’s for another Star Wars reference (Luke Skywalker) and she’s at Saint Alphonsus, which is referred to as “Saint Al’s.” Could Saint Al’s even be a reference to Alderaan, Princess Leia’s home planet? Either way, take a look at what just happened to take place at Saint Al’s in February-March, just two months before the accident (Critical Connections indeed, lol):

Having previously connected Good Samaritan Leah Woodward to Princess Leia, let’s take a look at a photo of her with Killian’s injured mother Brandy Gonzalez, recuperating at her home planet… er, hospital, Saint Al’s:


What’s that sticking out of the side of Brandy’s head? Looks like a massive braid.


Remind you of anyone?


Stay calm, fanboys 😉


Not only is the big braid similar, Brandy Gonzalez actually looks a lot like Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in general. Look at the eyes and smile!


So to sum up, we have 7 strong Star Wars references that would all have to be amazingly improbable coexisting coincidences if this story were not a fabricated hoax:

  1. The Kilian references in Star Wars.
  2. Killian (star) Gonzalez (son of war) = Star Wars.
  3. Killian’s neck brace and Darth Vader’s neck piece.
  4. Hero Leah Woodward = Princess Leia.
  5. Saint Luke’s and Saint Al’s.
  6. The Stair Wars Challenge at Saint Al’s.
  7. Brandy Gonzalez’s striking resemblance to Princess Leia in her slave costume.

Bear in mind also that this news story just happened to appear roughly six months before the release of the Star Wars spinoff movie Rogue One and the reported death of Carrie Fisher.

If all of this still doesn’t raise your suspicions and you’re determined to believe young Killian’s devastating and amazing story, take heart that he is well on the road to a full recovery and is currently winning wrestling trophies and medals (that he wears to bed, awwwww). Let’s hear it for the miracle boy who defied the odds and touched our hearts.


UPDATE (12/24/17):

Three days after I wrote this post, this article appeared in the news stream:

Carrie Fisher Wrote Some of Her Funniest Lines in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Carrie Fisher left the world and the Star Wars universe much too soon but she had just enough time to add a few special touches to her last performance as Princess Leia in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

“That was her,” Johnson said. “That was a Carrie Fisher line. Of course it was.”

“I would sit down with her and she would just give me … After an hour, I would have filled up pages and pages writing down the notes and one-liners that she would pitch,” he said. “And so we tried to work them in whenever we could.”

So we know Carrie Fisher was a writer as well as an actress. I wonder if she may have also had a hand in writing a fabricated news story about Killian and Brandy Gonzalez?

‘Grizzly Man’ & Other Humans Consumed by Beasts

I’ve decided to finally get this blog up and running. I’ll start out with a post inspired by Mark’s investigation into the “Grizzly Man” story on his blog Piece of Mindful. In the comments for that post, I pointed out a very similar news story that just happened to pop up a few days later. I’ll just paste my comments here along with an update on my most recent findings.


Not sure if this is just a coincidence but check out this headline today from Yahoo News:

‘Absolutely Grisly.’ A Woman Was Mauled to Death by Her Own Dogs

“Absolutely grisly.” A story about another gender-ambiguous blonde mauled to death by the animals she thought were her friends. A possible reaction to the discussion here? The article links to this news report:

Her body was reportedly discovered in the woods off “Manakin” Road. LOL. Now I haven’t seen Grizzly Man for a very long time but I seem to recall someone talking about Treadwell’s distinctive blonde bowl-cut. That he was hiding his receding hairline by always meticulously combing it forward. Well, with Bethany Lynn Stephens we see the complete opposite. Blonde hair pulled painfully backward exposing what appears to be a sketchy hairline. Anyway, not sure if that’s just a coincidence as well.

In the news report video, the awkward line from her friend about the “weight on her shoulders” stuck out to me. I wondered if there could be some connection. All I could find was this final quote at the bottom of the page on IMDB:

The coroner: It was on his wrist.
[touches her shoulder]

What was this scene from the movie? Is it significant?


It’s possible the algorithm just fed this story to me on the Yahoo homepage because I’d read your Grizzly Man posts and looked up a few things about Treadwell. But that’s very suspicious it just happened to be posted today. Could it really have been created especially as a response to your posts? I dunno. Could it be an amazingly coincidental genuine news story? I highly doubt it! The body found off Manakin Road gives it away for me, in addition to the improbability of a person’s own dogs completely turning on their owner like that.

I did manage to track down a copy of Grizzly Man on YT. The version was badly cropped but I did manage to see the shoulder-touching scene with the watch and the coroner (who certainly seems very actor-like, as mentioned). Again, the awkward, seemingly scripted line from the pit bull news report struck me.

She did everything for everybody. She never thought of herself first. It was always everybody else. No matter how much weight she had on her shoulders, she pretended it didn’t matter.

The watch scene where the coroner touches Jewel’s shoulder twice is at 25:38.

Herzog asks her about Amie and she suddenly “gets emotional” after not having much of a reaction to the watch (which you’d think would really choke her up). She’s strangely swinging between caring and not caring throughout the scene, which goes along with the line from the news report about Stephens “pretending” the weight on her shoulders “didn’t matter.” I dunno, maybe that’s a stretch. But the description of Stephens as someone who “never thought of herself first” certainly fits Amie who didn’t run to save herself from the bear attack and lost her life helping Treadwell.

Anyway, even if those connections don’t hold up I do think this phony pit bull story was likely intended to echo Treadwell’s, especially with the key quote from the Sheriff “It was an absolutely grisly mauling!”


LOL, “akin to man.” I didn’t consider that variation. An image search on “Bethany Lynn Stephens” does reveal a rather odd-looking woman (in addition to the Confederate flag making a background appearance). She reminds me a lot of a simmy version of former Playboy playmate, Hefner girlfriend and “reality TV star” Kendra Wilkinson. And it appears she also has a thing for dogs. Check out this clip from 2013 that starts out with “Billy Bush” declaring “We’ve got a little chaos going on behind the scenes.” LOL:

“Two adoptable dogs” eh? Well, not so much with Stephens. Here’s another article from last year where Wilkinson pays tribute to her dear departed corgi, Raskal (Stephens’ pit bulls were rather “rascally,” no?):

Hmmm… this shot seems like it could be a bit of foreshadowing for the Stephens attack (with an added undercurrent of beastiality):

This headline on the Stephens story seems to hint at beastiality as well:

Animal lover, 22, is mauled to death by her OWN pit bulls after taking them out for a walk


Kevin, I’ve been looking more into this today and there’s SO much more. This is a goldmine! There’s an underlying beastiality theme running through the stories of all three characters: Stephens, Wilkinson and Treadwell. For instance, this memorable scene from Grizzly Man has a definite fetishistic, sexual tone to it:

I’ll get more into the beastiality theme in another comment but here are a few more interesting connections I found to Grizzly Man and Wilkinson. First, check out Stephens’ favorite movie on her FB page:

Winnie the Pooh, lol. In fact, if you log in and look at her “About” page, you’ll see she also lists the movie Ted which features a talking bear:

And now for a primo connection between Stephens and Wilkinson (aside from their obvious physical resemblance):

And you mentioned her husband’s transsexual tryst. Well, get a load of the headline here (ignore the video that loads at the top and scroll down):

Swirl Problems: Kendra Wilkinson Asks DIRTY DOG Hubby Hank Baskett Point Blank “Did You Go There To Have Sex With A Transsexual?”

And check out this story posted just 5 hours ago (scroll down to the Twitter response by “Ruben” with the pit bull’s flapping lips from the day before the Stephens story broke):

Wilkinson is definitely a valuable citizen in Psyop-land:

Nice quote revealing some truth with a dash of misdirection:

Wilkinson has previously said that she supports Donald Trump, but that she’s “more of a conspiracy theorist.” When I ask her about her endorsement, Wilkinson is quick to explain that she’s “not in the political world at all—I am anti-politics.” She insists, “I’m not Republican, I’m not Democrat, I’m not liberal. I’m a fucking hippie, right? I’m a conspiracy theorist too, at the end of the day. I think it’s all bullshit. Everything’s made just for money, for talk—talk creates money, talk creates media, media creates money, it’s all money! And I don’t believe in any of it! I don’t believe any of it. I believe in aliens, and I’m happy in my own world. I believe aliens…I’m an alien. I’m RH negative and I’m an alien so I don’t need to really be on earth right now. I’d rather not. I’d rather have my people come and take me away onto our planet.”

Anyway, I’ll add more later. What I’m most struck by about all of this is how the subject of Grizzly Man happened to come about on this blog at this specific time. I see in Mark’s original post, he said the Matthew Shepard story got him thinking about Treadwell. But take a look at the post by Steve immediately preceding that one:

Featuring the “Trumpy Bear!” A storm is coming, indeed!


It’s funny because I’ve been thinking about abandoning this kind of research and focusing on other things, but then the recent posts on POM come around and reignite my interest. As I said in a comment on an earlier POM post, I’m more interested now in how reality itself can seem to have a “fabricated” nature to it, aside from the usual news and culture creation focused on there.

In fact, we can see this happening with how things have unfolded on POM itself. Steve brought up bears and meat in a post, then Mark tackled Treadwell who was reportedly eaten by a bear and then this pit bull story popped up out of nowhere with all these connections. I think there’s actually a deeper meaning to all of this because the idea of people being eaten ties in with something else I’ve been looking into regarding the possible “holographic matrix” nature of reality, but that’s a whole other topic I won’t get into just yet. I’m just saying that this idea being “in the air” at this time may have a special connection to the grand “fabrication” of “reality” itself. But coming back down to Earth…

I’ll just add one final bit on the associated pit bull story, which I think is still on topic because it shows how these themes and narratives are continually echoed and reinforced in news stories and pop-culture tidbits with what appear to be sneaky little references linking them that can let those thinking “outside the box” in on the joke. And as I said, I think this idea of people being eaten by beasts is an important theme at this time (along with the possible beastiality references). I’ll just present this most recent development (although I’m sure there will be more) and be done with it. This update on the Bethany Stephens story appeared yesterday:

Deputies watched dogs ‘eating rib cage’ of Virginia woman, 22, during mauling, sheriff says

A disturbing and graphic mental image is conjured up which once again echoes the Treadwell narrative (along with a bear reference, a strange emphasis on the word “narrative” and a reference to menstruation to add a sexual element). From the Treadwell story:

Fulton jumped back on his plane and took off. He flew over the camp, and looked down.

“Saw a human rib cage that I knew had to be either Tim or Amie laying there and he was just eating that.”

He circled several times, trying to run the bear off with the airplane. “And every time I would come over, he’d just start eating faster and faster and crouch over this rib cage there,” he said.

Also note the title of the article “Dream Turns Deadly,” a theme that will show up again in a moment. Continuing with the rib element, this photo was posted by Stephens on FB in September of 2014:

With this curious comment exchange:

And we have the “dream” theme again with the tattoo. That particular quote could be taken as a reference to “waking up” to the illusory “reality dream” as well. And it seems Kendra Wilkinson has a thing for ribs herself. I found several references to her eating ribs, the most notable during her pregnancy in 2010:

“A couple days ago I cooked ribs and beans,” the 24-year-old told Leno. “I can’t get away from ribs!”

Anyway, there’s still more to all of this but I’ll just leave it there. Thanks to Mark for allowing these tangential comments on his blog. I hope they’ve added something to the big picture view of these “grisly deaths!”