‘Grizzly Man’ & Other Humans Consumed by Beasts

I’ve decided to finally get this blog up and running. I’ll start out with a post inspired by Mark’s investigation into the “Grizzly Man” story on his blog Piece of Mindful. In the comments for that post, I pointed out a very similar news story that just happened to pop up a few days later. I’ll just paste my comments here along with an update on my most recent findings.


Not sure if this is just a coincidence but check out this headline today from Yahoo News:

‘Absolutely Grisly.’ A Woman Was Mauled to Death by Her Own Dogs


“Absolutely grisly.” A story about another gender-ambiguous blonde mauled to death by the animals she thought were her friends. A possible reaction to the discussion here? The article links to this news report:


Her body was reportedly discovered in the woods off “Manakin” Road. LOL. Now I haven’t seen Grizzly Man for a very long time but I seem to recall someone talking about Treadwell’s distinctive blonde bowl-cut. That he was hiding his receding hairline by always meticulously combing it forward. Well, with Bethany Lynn Stephens we see the complete opposite. Blonde hair pulled painfully backward exposing what appears to be a sketchy hairline. Anyway, not sure if that’s just a coincidence as well.

In the news report video, the awkward line from her friend about the “weight on her shoulders” stuck out to me. I wondered if there could be some connection. All I could find was this final quote at the bottom of the page on IMDB:


The coroner: It was on his wrist.
[touches her shoulder]

What was this scene from the movie? Is it significant?


It’s possible the algorithm just fed this story to me on the Yahoo homepage because I’d read your Grizzly Man posts and looked up a few things about Treadwell. But that’s very suspicious it just happened to be posted today. Could it really have been created especially as a response to your posts? I dunno. Could it be an amazingly coincidental genuine news story? I highly doubt it! The body found off Manakin Road gives it away for me, in addition to the improbability of a person’s own dogs completely turning on their owner like that.

I did manage to track down a copy of Grizzly Man on YT. The version was badly cropped but I did manage to see the shoulder-touching scene with the watch and the coroner (who certainly seems very actor-like, as mentioned). Again, the awkward, seemingly scripted line from the pit bull news report struck me.

She did everything for everybody. She never thought of herself first. It was always everybody else. No matter how much weight she had on her shoulders, she pretended it didn’t matter.

The watch scene where the coroner touches Jewel’s shoulder twice is at 25:38.

Herzog asks her about Amie and she suddenly “gets emotional” after not having much of a reaction to the watch (which you’d think would really choke her up). She’s strangely swinging between caring and not caring throughout the scene, which goes along with the line from the news report about Stephens “pretending” the weight on her shoulders “didn’t matter.” I dunno, maybe that’s a stretch. But the description of Stephens as someone who “never thought of herself first” certainly fits Amie who didn’t run to save herself from the bear attack and lost her life helping Treadwell.

Anyway, even if those connections don’t hold up I do think this phony pit bull story was likely intended to echo Treadwell’s, especially with the key quote from the Sheriff “It was an absolutely grisly mauling!”


LOL, “akin to man.” I didn’t consider that variation. An image search on “Bethany Lynn Stephens” does reveal a rather odd-looking woman (in addition to the Confederate flag making a background appearance). She reminds me a lot of a simmy version of former Playboy playmate, Hefner girlfriend and “reality TV star” Kendra Wilkinson. And it appears she also has a thing for dogs. Check out this clip from 2013 that starts out with “Billy Bush” declaring “We’ve got a little chaos going on behind the scenes.” LOL:


“Two adoptable dogs” eh? Well, not so much with Stephens. Here’s another article from last year where Wilkinson pays tribute to her dear departed corgi, Raskal (Stephens’ pit bulls were rather “rascally,” no?):


Hmmm… this shot seems like it could be a bit of foreshadowing for the Stephens attack (with an added undercurrent of beastiality):

This headline on the Stephens story seems to hint at beastiality as well:

Animal lover, 22, is mauled to death by her OWN pit bulls after taking them out for a walk



Kevin, I’ve been looking more into this today and there’s SO much more. This is a goldmine! There’s an underlying beastiality theme running through the stories of all three characters: Stephens, Wilkinson and Treadwell. For instance, this memorable scene from Grizzly Man has a definite fetishistic, sexual tone to it:

I’ll get more into the beastiality theme in another comment but here are a few more interesting connections I found to Grizzly Man and Wilkinson. First, check out Stephens’ favorite movie on her FB page:


Winnie the Pooh, lol. In fact, if you log in and look at her “About” page, you’ll see she also lists the movie Ted which features a talking bear:

And now for a primo connection between Stephens and Wilkinson (aside from their obvious physical resemblance):


And you mentioned her husband’s transsexual tryst. Well, get a load of the headline here (ignore the video that loads at the top and scroll down):

Swirl Problems: Kendra Wilkinson Asks DIRTY DOG Hubby Hank Baskett Point Blank “Did You Go There To Have Sex With A Transsexual?”


And check out this story posted just 5 hours ago (scroll down to the Twitter response by “Ruben” with the pit bull’s flapping lips from the day before the Stephens story broke):


Wilkinson is definitely a valuable citizen in Psyop-land:


Nice quote revealing some truth with a dash of misdirection:

Wilkinson has previously said that she supports Donald Trump, but that she’s “more of a conspiracy theorist.” When I ask her about her endorsement, Wilkinson is quick to explain that she’s “not in the political world at all—I am anti-politics.” She insists, “I’m not Republican, I’m not Democrat, I’m not liberal. I’m a fucking hippie, right? I’m a conspiracy theorist too, at the end of the day. I think it’s all bullshit. Everything’s made just for money, for talk—talk creates money, talk creates media, media creates money, it’s all money! And I don’t believe in any of it! I don’t believe any of it. I believe in aliens, and I’m happy in my own world. I believe aliens…I’m an alien. I’m RH negative and I’m an alien so I don’t need to really be on earth right now. I’d rather not. I’d rather have my people come and take me away onto our planet.”

Anyway, I’ll add more later. What I’m most struck by about all of this is how the subject of Grizzly Man happened to come about on this blog at this specific time. I see in Mark’s original post, he said the Matthew Shepard story got him thinking about Treadwell. But take a look at the post by Steve immediately preceding that one:


Featuring the “Trumpy Bear!” A storm is coming, indeed!


It’s funny because I’ve been thinking about abandoning this kind of research and focusing on other things, but then the recent posts on POM come around and reignite my interest. As I said in a comment on an earlier POM post, I’m more interested now in how reality itself can seem to have a “fabricated” nature to it, aside from the usual news and culture creation focused on there.

In fact, we can see this happening with how things have unfolded on POM itself. Steve brought up bears and meat in a post, then Mark tackled Treadwell who was reportedly eaten by a bear and then this pit bull story popped up out of nowhere with all these connections. I think there’s actually a deeper meaning to all of this because the idea of people being eaten ties in with something else I’ve been looking into regarding the possible “holographic matrix” nature of reality, but that’s a whole other topic I won’t get into just yet. I’m just saying that this idea being “in the air” at this time may have a special connection to the grand “fabrication” of “reality” itself. But coming back down to Earth…

I’ll just add one final bit on the associated pit bull story, which I think is still on topic because it shows how these themes and narratives are continually echoed and reinforced in news stories and pop-culture tidbits with what appear to be sneaky little references linking them that can let those thinking “outside the box” in on the joke. And as I said, I think this idea of people being eaten by beasts is an important theme at this time (along with the possible beastiality references). I’ll just present this most recent development (although I’m sure there will be more) and be done with it. This update on the Bethany Stephens story appeared yesterday:

Deputies watched dogs ‘eating rib cage’ of Virginia woman, 22, during mauling, sheriff says


A disturbing and graphic mental image is conjured up which once again echoes the Treadwell narrative (along with a bear reference, a strange emphasis on the word “narrative” and a reference to menstruation to add a sexual element). From the Treadwell story:


Fulton jumped back on his plane and took off. He flew over the camp, and looked down.

“Saw a human rib cage that I knew had to be either Tim or Amie laying there and he was just eating that.”

He circled several times, trying to run the bear off with the airplane. “And every time I would come over, he’d just start eating faster and faster and crouch over this rib cage there,” he said.

Also note the title of the article “Dream Turns Deadly,” a theme that will show up again in a moment. Continuing with the rib element, this photo was posted by Stephens on FB in September of 2014:

With this curious comment exchange:

And we have the “dream” theme again with the tattoo. That particular quote could be taken as a reference to “waking up” to the illusory “reality dream” as well. And it seems Kendra Wilkinson has a thing for ribs herself. I found several references to her eating ribs, the most notable during her pregnancy in 2010:


“A couple days ago I cooked ribs and beans,” the 24-year-old told Leno. “I can’t get away from ribs!”

Anyway, there’s still more to all of this but I’ll just leave it there. Thanks to Mark for allowing these tangential comments on his blog. I hope they’ve added something to the big picture view of these “grisly deaths!”


15 thoughts on “‘Grizzly Man’ & Other Humans Consumed by Beasts

  1. Kevin Starr December 20, 2017 / 2:33 pm

    Congrats on the new blog Terran. The ribs really brought it all together. Hope you’re still going to pursue your interest in fabricated reality too. When I initially viewed the Bethany Stephens story, there was a jewelry ad that said, “**Piece of Mind** for your Piece of Jewelry.” Weird.


    • Terran Downvale December 20, 2017 / 3:31 pm

      LOL. It can be difficult to distinguish between genuine synchronicities and the work of the algorithm these days. Perhaps that’s part of the mind game! For a long time, I’ve thought that the man-made “fakery” and manipulation we see is deliberately designed as an imitation of naturally occurring phenomena that we might see as “mystical” or “magical” from our current perspective of awareness. It can make investigating these things difficult because these artificial and natural phenomena overlap and intermingle. This complexity is something that leads me to believe there is some form of AI mapping all of this stuff out and even creating the narratives themselves. And that this parallels something similar possibly happening in reality itself. Ugh, I’ll explain more in future posts!


  2. Mark Tokarski December 20, 2017 / 2:39 pm

    Yes, Terran, I am glad to see you up and running here. Have fun! I have linked you over at POM.


    • Terran Downvale December 20, 2017 / 3:32 pm

      Thanks, Mark! I’m still trying to figure out all this customizing stuff. Widgets and whatnot. The text looks very tiny to me so maybe I need a different theme.


    • Terran Downvale December 20, 2017 / 3:48 pm

      Thanks for the link, Steve. I will definitely look at this. The funny thing is, I recently came upon something that’s caused me to rethink the whole “legal name” thing. That “killing your strawman” may not be necessary or even beneficial, as counter-intuitive as that might seem. It goes deep into the nature of how our thoughts and feelings relate to the reality we experience. Instead of fighting the “matrix” toe-to-toe, we can take a jiu-jitsu-like approach where punches become bear-hugs. It’s a whole new level to the mind game that I’m just starting to experiment with. I’ll explain more in future posts!


  3. Unreal December 28, 2017 / 1:53 am

    Good article and thought provoking article. Truly grisly !

    As the number of avant-garde conspiracy material is becoming rare in favour of the never ending re-hash of culture creation and inspection of the past – i really appreciate your take on the present and inquiry into what has yet not been dealt with.

    Many great animals are in fact pretty shady and i’ve just recently come to terms with the fact that 30m long whale skeletons that hang beside the 30m dinosaur skeletons are both members of the same family of falsified animals made in the glory of science….

    Not sure why Grizzly’s have two zayin’s in it’s midst – but something might be veiled on these bears as with whales.

    ‘Bonne continuation’ with the blog !


    • Terran Downvale December 28, 2017 / 1:07 pm

      Thanks, UNreal. Is there a way I can follow your blog so I get notifications for new posts? I don’t see a button. Yes, there are some shady animals out there. I dunno if you’re familiar with Lesta Nediam on YouTube and G+ but he’s been looking into PANDAS recently and there’s definitely something strange going on there.

      Regarding these bafflingly complicated news story psyops, I have to wonder if there may be more going on here than just writers getting together and cooking up ideas. The way these things are churned out all day, every day, leads me to suspect there may be some form of AI involved in creating these narratives and possibly even generating the characters. We’ve heard of “supercomputers” but we have no way of knowing what kind of tech exists behind the curtain that may be employed to essentially create an entire “hoax reality” that is injected and interwoven into our “real reality” to the point that it is totally automated and more or less “programmed” into the “code” of reality itself.

      Yeah, these are strange ideas that I don’t think most at Fakeologist are open to but it is definitely an interest of mine. It was my investigation into the Alton Towers roller coaster accident story that first revealed to me just how deep the fabrication and manipulation goes. And that it is indeed a form of “avant-garde” art at almost the level of what some would call “reality creation.” In that story, I discovered a connection to the British electronic band The KLF who were less of a musical group than a prankster performance art project founded in the Discordianism movement. I really need to do a re-post of my findings on that story on this blog because there were some ridiculous connections there that almost defy belief!


  4. Unreal December 28, 2017 / 2:38 pm

    Hello Terran Downvale

    Thanks for the information on Lesta Nediam (anagram : Tesla Maiden) – i completely agree there is something off with Panda’s that were discovered by a french Jesuit priest in China and only captured live in 1936 sporting the black & white yin yang jachin & boaz color-scheme.

    The intricate nature of our fake reality is difficult to comprehend fully.

    First of we might keep in mind the Elite “crème de la crème” have been working to create the society we live in for as long as western civilisation has been a reality – and also before that stage to create the conditions to making the system a reality.

    Further we have to deal with a “fait accompli” or a crime scene if you will where we just found out there was a murder committed a very long time ago – by which point we are already adult, indoctrinated and completely estranged to the part of the population that are suspect of being part of a conspiracy so great it will isolate us from anyone on the wrong side of the “in-club”.

    I’m open to all intelligible speculation on how the Elite operate and computer aided creation is therefore to expect. The notion of the “artificial” however i’ve yet not been able to detect nor seen any convincing proof for. AI entities would by definition not need organic matter which does still appear to be at the centre of attention by those who organise and plan our false reality.

    In the grand scheme it must be emphasised that terror events, news and politics are but an operative part that is very visible to us a part of the common sheeple – and that more profound alterations such as history, religion and nature are possibly much more telling and close to the heart of the operation we seem to live in where nothing is what is presented as.

    Elite Gender Inversion is pretty much insignificant regarding the direct effect on terror events, news and politics – but all the more significant on the very nature these Elite individuals seems to really care about. Maybe what we experience is the anti-system of what is natural that is created by envious maniacs that short of being Gods act as if they were in a clueless society as the one we discover to all be part of.

    Regarding RSS subscriptions every WordPress blog automatically creates a newsfeed on any sites domain name when you add “/feed”. To catch the feed from my “allunreal.com” blog it will be “http://allunreal.com/more/” for the overall feed, and i’ve also created feeds for some categories i use for publishing my material (http://allunreal.com/more)


    • Terran Downvale December 30, 2017 / 2:04 pm

      Thanks, UNreal. I haven’t checked your blog in a while and look forward to catching up. And yeah, attempting to investigate this cultural and historical “crime scene” can be akin to a fish trying to make sense of water.

      When it comes to the involvement of AI, I guess I’m talking more in terms of advanced computer technology being used to map out, model and create scenarios, narratives and characters on the “idea” level, perhaps making calculations regarding their “believability” with necessary adjustments and additions being made to create a story and characters that will fool the required percentage of the population, the psychological profiles and awareness levels of whom are also being constantly calculated and modeled by similar means. So I’m not really talking about literal CGI character creation, necessarily. Also, the way these stories are then “spliced” into our reality in a way that creates the appearance of an entire linear history and backstory so they seem more organic and indistinguishable from actual reality. Ugh, I probably didn’t explain it very well and to be honest, it’s still something in the process of trying to figure out.

      One part of this that I imagine most practical and “rational” fakeologists will have no part of is the idea that reality itself may not actually work the way that we’ve been led to believe. Especially in terms of “linear time.” But this goes for lots of other things as well. I’ll just say that I’ve had a number of personal experiences that from the “linear, rational mundane reality” perspective could be seen as “paranormal” or “supernatural,” but may simply be indications that reality works differently than most of us think, and in that sense their perceived “weirdness” is only subjective just as many things we take for granted as “normal” would seem “magical” to a caveman. Anyway, I’m getting away from myself here! For now, I’m just going to stick to my findings about news stories and events and why I believe they’re fabricated.


      • Unreal December 31, 2017 / 8:39 am

        I find the analogy ow fish and water very fitting to describe our current situation as you portray it. Curiously, the only fish that is actually aware what water is the whale and other sea mammals who arguably are not fit to live in water as they need air to breathe and are unable to extract oxygen from water despite millions of years of “evolution” or continous change no-one ever finds proof of.

        On inspection your interpretation of AI is more correct than mine where i seem to be more thinking of what is technically called cognitive robotics, which regroup Artificial Consciousness (AC), Machine Consciousness (MC) or Synthetic Consciousness.

        AI is defined by the english wiktionary as “The branch of computer science dealing with the reproduction of human-level intelligence, self-awareness, knowledge, conscience, thought in computer programs – or – the essential quality of a machine to think in similar manner to a real human being.”

        The lines are a bit blurred and probably for good reasons. Logically, a machine that execute the commands of a human would still be inferior intellectually to the programmer but what you might more hint at is how the use of advanced computing can be used to help the various scripts along and possibly enhance these with occult coding beyond what the individual freemason lodge would be able to come up with on their own.

        In this sense, it does look like there is an occult program or even software that is managed by the Elite and surely could be used to generate many aspects of the “unreality” we witness. In “new chronology” of the deliberate fabrication of history, there seems to be repetitive patterns created which logically computers would be good at manufacturing in our modern time. This is a very plausible proposition and also indicate how the control structure are very systematic – hence predictable – in how they weave the fabric of reality into our lives.

        Reality is indeed a very interesting topic and i for one would clearly like to know more about new ideas as to how it all might work. Of course, many alternative researchers are in fact no longer curious and stay contented with discovering the umpteenth new terror hoax was faked. This is a sad state of affairs we might think of as advanced gatekeeping which comes for saturation of information – Conspiracy Fatigue (CF).

        I’m not immune to such strategies either but after many years listening to controlled outlets that very clearly lead some form of opposition to mainstream theory and officialdom – i’ve leaped the fence as i consider fakery the main component of control in as much as the Elite are fully aware that the more false ideas the public can consume the safer their control of society will be.

        So whenever the Elite can insert falsehoods they do so willingly as we unknowingly are plunged even deeper into what are false beliefs and the religion of false beliefs we currently live under – unbeknownst to the public. An involuntary servitude if you will. A great film that outline the concept would be Louis Malle’s “My Dinner with André”.

        As the population have been progressively domesticated inside closed environments such as cities and urbanised territories, even nature itself has become estranged to us and the terrain for false beliefs even more potent to the ELite who seem today to have succeeded in making their “unreality” so irrefutably over-encompassing not many will be able to escape some crucial part of the artificial construct we’re in.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Kevin Starr January 2, 2018 / 9:26 am

        Thanks for the great thoughts Unreal. Also the clip. I remember Roger Ebert pushing that film hard when it first came out. I think it was his top film of that year. I tried to watch it in the 90s, but I can see now that I wasn’t ready to understand it yet. That clip gave me chills. I will be revisiting the film ASAP.


  5. Terran Downvale January 3, 2018 / 6:05 pm

    Sorry for the late reply. Wow, UNreal. You and Andre packed more into a single comment and 3 minutes of dialogue than most do on an entire blog! I’m going to have to read this several more times to fully digest it. In theory, the modeling and simulation capabilities of advanced computer systems really do have the potential to create entire virtual alternate realities that can be used to explore any number of scenarios and likely outcomes, in a way enabling them to predict the future. Now add to this the idea that human consciousness may actually create reality in some way (synchronicities being a possible sign of this) and there could be a way of using this technology to nudge and shape reality itself into a desired narrative of events and plan it all out to perfection well ahead of time. In this way, I think some of the apparent “sloppiness and laziness” we see in these events may be a deliberate misdirection from what is truly possible and actually going on. Ugh, again I’m having difficulty explaining these ideas that are admittedly still half-baked.

    I totally agree with what you said about plunging us into a maze of false beliefs. And this of course includes false beliefs about false beliefs, lol. This is why I’m often cautious about EGI because while it’s clear we are being presented with genuinely inverted characters, I imagine they are also throwing in ones who only appear to be inverted in order to trap those who think they’ve “figured it out” into some false beliefs as well. What a mess we are in!


  6. Unreal January 4, 2018 / 4:55 pm

    Thanks @Kevin Starr and @Terran Downvale for your appreciative remarks.

    The mere fact we have such a film as Louis Malle’s 1981 counterculture gem is in itself proof that the Elite indeed know what they are doing to us. Indeed, we clearly have to be on gard for “false beliefs about false beliefs” !

    It seems to me that the basis for the way the Elite behave can be found at the gate of every flight we take. Effectively, if we take our luggage, put the ticket in our hand and move demonstrably towards the boarding counter – most other passengers will follow, regardless of any speaker announcement.

    Now it seems that the Elite have rewritten a lot of history to cover their tracks and have slowly perfected their routine. The major events needed to effectively manage a wide population have been charted and systematically deployed since quite some time already. This model is thus to find both in our historical past as in the present. As you rightly imply – the advent of computers has surely made their planning more efficient and well dissimulated. But also more malleable as long forecast models probably have been traded in for more dynamic planning where constant input from us the sheeple help their predicative system to optimise the outcome.

    In this sense the Elite do predict when we go to the gate and sometimes even which flight we will be on, only they can not chart our individual mindset and aspirations which clearly must be frustrating to such excellent minds who like to compete with the great architect on how to conduct business on these parts of the plane. Computers have some serious weaknesses that the Elite surely have detected by now – no imagination or dreams.

    From what i can see from how the Elites various scripts are deployed is that they do struggle to find meaning in dominating a population that unknowingly is taken hostage and thus have never even thought of consciously and collectively fighting back. The Elite are thus left being one eyed kings in a blind civilisation where their merits are pretty slim if they need us to applaud them. And i seriously doubt all Elite members are aware of all the entire scope of actions taken by their upper class brethren in order to selfishly serve their egotistic cause. I’m not sure to want to live forever in their position as it seems so short of what could have been achieved with the ressources at their disposal. Exam failed – lack of vision and empathy..

    ‘Like likes like’ so i’m not sure the Elite are all that cautious to throw in as many cisgender characters as we might think. After all, we live in their machinations and inverted culture where double speak is the norm and stagecraft the main fuel-source. What we investigate in terms of Elite Gender Inversion is more often than not only the most apparent cases as we struggle to understand how the Elite can have come up with such an unnatural culture. I think we might be best served by integrating the apparent double sexed ideals and lifestyle of the Elite in order to better analyse our situation and use this information logically and not only let it affect us emotionally.

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