Thor, Conan & Bowie’s Ghost


Here’s an especially complicated find also from June of 2016. Another “dubious decapitation,” this time in Minnesota:

Minn. man beheads buddy for allegedly raping his girlfriend, cops say

In Itasca County, MN to be specific (as mentioned in the article), which is our first hint that this story may not be all that it seems:

The county is named after Lake Itasca, which is in turn a shortened version the Latin words veritas caput, meaning ‘truth’ and ‘head’, a reference to the source of the Mississippi River.

Interesting location for a decapitation, eh? Now for some TRUTH! Speaking of interesting locations, murder suspect Joseph Christian Thoreson’s girlfriend was allegedly raped by his good friend Alexander Haiman (who he later killed and beheaded) at their apartment in Grand Rapids (Rape-ids?):

When Thoresen told his girlfriend early last week that Haiman was coming over to their Grand Rapids, Minn., apartment, however, she was not having it.

“She was upset and told Thoresen that [Haiman] raped her in their bedroom,” according to the complaint.

Note the date of the complaint of 6/28/16. That will come into play later. But now let’s look at the curious names of the decapitator and his victim: Joseph Christian Thoreson and Alexander Haiman.

So we have the name “Thor” in Minnesota, home of The Vikings. Not too unusual, I guess, with that state’s abundant Scandinavian population. Apparently, Marvel Comics superhero Thor has done his share of beheading, including that of his arch-nemesis Loki in this installment. Again, not very unusual for a comic book superhero. Alone, these connections are pretty weak.

But looking at Thoreson’s mugshot, I see something familiar. An uncanny resemblance to a famous face who also shares his name with a comic book hero. You’re going to have to look closely and try not to be too literal-minded. The idea here is that there is possibly an intended subliminal resemblance between these two men that registers only on the unconscious level (for most of us, lol). It was difficult to find appropriate shots for a good comparison, so please bear with me.




Again, this requires you to stretch your perception a bit. In this ultra-low-quality shot from Thoreson’s Facebook page, I can see a definite Conan resemblance, but that’s not saying much!


If you’ll grant me this Conan connection, things are about to get very interesting! First off, Conan the Barbarian is associated with a pair of famous beheading scenes with a theme of revenge and comeuppance (similar to Thoreson’s beheading of Haiman):

Next, we move on to the name of Thoreson’s victim Anthony Haiman, which provides an interesting connection to Conan O’Brien by way of… David Bowie. Bowie had reportedly died roughly 5-6 months before this beheading in Minnesota. When I read the name “Haiman,” I immediately thought “Hey, man,” a phrase repeated throughout Bowie’s classic song “Suffragette City.”

Well, unfortunately, video evidence of this occurring no longer exists on the teamcoco website, but there are still references to it. On June 28, 2016 which was the exact same day Thoreson was charged with murdering and beheading Haiman, the kids from “The School of Rock” appeared on the Conan O’Brien show and performed David Bowie’s “Suffragette City!” Here are several references, including the schedule listing on Conan’s official site (also interesting that Scandinavian actor Alexander Skarsgard appeared on that same episode):—conan-on-tbs/youtube_700152d4-21db-5d10-a69d-7b2f67699b52.html


Also interesting is that exactly a week earlier on June 21, Conan made a joke about Minnesota on his show:


To add another wrinkle, many believe “Suffragette City” to be about a bisexual love triangle between two men and a woman. See here and here. Well, there could be a similar theme in the tragic story of Thoreson, his girlfriend and Haiman. First, there may be some homoerotic hinting between the two male friends (from this article):

It’s unclear how the two (Thoreson and Haiman) knew each other, but an old Facebook page under Thoresen’s name says he once was in a relationship with a Brittany Haiman. The same account suggests a “fast” and “rough” lifestyle.

“Today we shall enjoy but tonight we play rough,” reads a post from June 21, 2013. Another post boasted of “damn good sex.” A third said he couldn’t sleep because “life’s too fast sometimes.”

Regardless, there was some kind of “sex triangle” at the very least between the three of them with Haiman’s alleged “rape” of Thoreson’s girlfriend which could be described by the phrase “Wham bam, thank you, m’am!” exclaimed in Bowie’s song. This could also refer to the girlfriend’s alleged beating of Haiman (who agreed to be tied up as penance for his misdeed). “Suffragette City” also includes the lyrics “Oh, hit me.” Again from the article:

When Thoresen told his girlfriend early last week that Haiman was coming over to their Grand Rapids, Minn., apartment, however, she was not having it.

“She was upset and told Thoresen that [Haiman] raped her in their bedroom,” according to the complaint.

When Haiman arrived, she confronted him, punching him repeatedly, she later told police.

Haiman “agreed to be tied up and beat up,” according to the complaint. “She tied up [Haiman] in the bedroom, she punched [him] in the face and broke his nose and kicked him in the gut.”

The girlfriend then untied Haiman before Thoresen joined in the beating, punching him and telling him that he “should not have raped ‘my girl,’ ” the complaint says.

This idea of a female victim turning the tables and beating her abuser also echoes the theme of the empowering women’s suffrage movement. I told you this one was complicated! And I haven’t even gotten to the craziest part yet…

Well, get a load of this. In June of 1983, 33 years (lol) before this beheading in Minnesota in June of 2016, Issue #39 of Marvel’s “What If…” series was entitled What If Thor Battled Conan.


Here are selected parts of the plot described on this blog which share some amazing parallels with the Thoreson-Haiman drama!

Of course, as is so often the case in Conan team-ups, he and his Norse opponent fight one another to a standstill and agree to cease their struggle, opting instead to become boon companions. Conan and Thor then set off to engage in a little robbery to fill their purses, which Thor considers dishonorable, despite the Cimmerian’s claim that one must do what one must to survive. Flush with cash, the pair go out drinking together and Thor asks Conan about the gods of this age. Conan’s none too keen on the subject, but he nevertheless tells Thor of Crom and his indifference to men and, for some reason, Thor feels compelled to seek out the Cimmerian deity’s mountaintop home. Apparently having nothing better to do, Conan joins him.

And from the Minnesota story, after Thoresen and his girlfriend beat up Haiman:

At first, it appeared as if that would be the end of the rape allegation. The three talked about “scoring some bud” before driving off in Haiman’s car in search of marijuana, according to the complaint. As they drove, Haiman sat in the back, untied, according to the complaint.

…After a short drive, the three stopped in Deer River to smoke marijuana with friends.

Then they made another stop in the even smaller town of Ball Club, where they smoked some meth, according to the complaint.

And then from the comic book:

As you’d expect, Thor will have none of this and tries to whack Crom with his hammer — to no avail. Crom simply catches Mjolnir and casts it away into the wilderness, far from Thor and Conan. Dejected, Thor returns to Conan, who witnessed none of this. He explains to the Cimmerian that, “I am Thor, thunder god of Asgard, a divinity of a later age. But Crom has stripped me of my one link with home, my hammer Mjolnir –“

Meanwhile in Minnesota:

After cutting off his friend’s head, Thoresen “threw it in the woods,” according to the complaint.

Thor’s separation from his hammer, which you could say is essentially part of his body, ultimately kills him. I imagine there are more details in the actual comic that may also apply to this news story.

SO WTF IS GOING ON HERE??? Are minor news stories like this really fabricated to a level of precision and detail that defies all rational belief and explanation? Is it possible former Harvard Lampoon writer Conan O’Brien had a direct hand in crafting this along with some comic book geek writers? Or am I simply reading too much into all of this and seeing something that is not there? Or is this evidence that reality itself is somehow “fabricated” as part of a grand cosmic “hoax?” Leave your comments below!


5 thoughts on “Thor, Conan & Bowie’s Ghost

  1. Kevin Starr December 29, 2017 / 2:12 pm

    OMG, I hadn’t even read this when I left my last comment about “Vikings vs. Bears.” I LOVE your work, dude!

    They did meth in Ball Club? Meth is similar to cocaine eight-Balls. Thoresen shortly after that Clubbed Haiman with a Ball bat. The wiki page for Ball Club references Ball “Bluff” located in the adjacent county. The unidentified driver TMC (Thor Meets Conan.)

    Mainstream news media is merely a division of Hollywood. Using genealogy, I have linked Walter Cronkite, Tom Brokaw, and Diane Sawyer to each other and many Hollywood actors (and I would assume writers.) Since Hollywood is just a branch of Intel, it’s very likely that the “puppets, agents, actors” are required to write news copy as part of their “assignment.”


    • Terran Downvale December 30, 2017 / 11:49 am

      Thanks, Kevin! I know it can seem at times to many like I’m taking the connections a bit too far, but it does seem like they layer these things in a way that is so infinitely complicated, anyone trying to reveal and explain it will invariably look insane! So I try my best now to keep it to a handful of strong points and just let the rest go because things can get far too complicated if I point out every single suspicious element in one of these stories. But I welcome any additional elements my readers may find that further flesh out the fraud.

      But this is also why I pretty much stay away from numbers at this point. I know they do play with numbers in these stories but I find putting too much importance on them to be a risk for losing the reader. A number can surely have a “hidden meaning” in some cases but it can too easily be (reasonably) dismissed as insignificant or coincidental because, when it comes down to it, they’re just numbers and have no clearly defined, inherent meaning. Whereas something like Star Wars or Thor references, especially when they are numerous within the same story, are far more difficult to dismiss.

      I look forward to redoing some of my favorite G+ posts here with a more streamlined approach. Thanks for reading! Do you have a blog of your own? This genealogy stuff sounds interesting.


      • Kevin Starr January 2, 2018 / 9:11 am

        Less is more is a good approach. I have stressed the numbers too much in past articles I have done, am going to be more restrained in the future. I am working on some things now for a blog that I intend to unveil in the spring or summer. I am also looking forward to your streamlined G+ posts. Thanks.


      • Terran Downvale January 3, 2018 / 6:50 pm

        Sounds good. I was getting pretty crazy with the numbers myself for a while. I always included them because they did seem significant but, truthfully, the idea of number coding always bored the hell out of me. I could never make it all the way through any of Zach Hubbard’s videos and only really found him compelling when he talked about other stuff (which was rare, lol). I have to wonder sometimes if this whole numbers thing is a way of intentionally inducing “conspiracy fatigue” as UNreal calls it. If you try to start pointing out number stuff to a “normal” person, you instantly sound like a nutjob, and I’m sure the ones creating these stories have that in mind.


      • Kevin Starr January 4, 2018 / 6:56 am

        Yes, numbers are like spices, only to be used sparingly. Gematria, on the other hand, is poison, never to be used. I lasted about 1 minute watching Hubbard. Guys like that are put in place to purposely make the rest of us look like nutjobs.

        To be honest, I enjoy uncovering lies and deception. I’m under no illusion that I am changing anybody’s opinion of anything. “Truth” is a whole other ball of wax. It’s a personal, spiritual battle with my own ego that it appears I will be waging until my ultimate demise.


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