‘Angry Birds’ & the Andrew Finch Shooting


As usual, my take on this recent “controversial” shooting event is that the unknowing public is getting punk’d once again. As soon as I saw the name “Finch” and this exclusive interview presented by The Wichita Eagle (the logo of which makes a curious appearance at a key moment), I knew something was up. Here’s the interview:


So we have a bird theme going on here. And since this event involves gaming and is one that will surely incite much anger among the masses, I thought I should look into “Angry Birds” (something I knew next to nothing about). Well, here’s what I found…

I first looked to see if SWAT had anything to do with the Angry Birds universe. Sure enough, there appears to be “SWAT Sargent” pig character in the Angry Birds Evolution game:


His job is to “shout propaganda to rally the other pig combatants.” Very interesting. There also appears to be a squad of “SWAT pigs” in the games and cartoons that cause problems for the birds. A notable appearance by them can be found in the cartoon episode entitled “Toy Hoggers”:


Back in the castle, King Pig was sleeping but then has a horrifying nightmare of the teddy bear. This caused him so much panic that he proceeded to retrieve the teddy bear with Foreman Pig’s help. They returned to where King Pig abandoned it, only to find Terence sitting on a nearby hill with the bear in his possession. King Pig ordered Foreman Pig to retrieve the teddy bear in any way. Soon, the SWAT pigs arrived and surrounded Terence with the news reporting on the event.

This moment in the cartoon can be found at 1:12 in the following video:

Now this may be a bit of a stretch but I noticed that when the SWAT pig helicopters start swarming in, the scene pans up showing a house that looks somewhat similar to the “one-story” Finch residence shown in Lesta Nediam‘s video here:

Here’s a comparison:


Regardless, let’s move on to the most interesting connection to the Finch story. So the SWAT team and media swarm to the scene where the bird character Terence is essentially holding King Pig’s teddy bear hostage (Wichita police were told there was a “hostage situation” at the Finch residence). Wow, that Terence is one big, fat, angry red bird! Here’s his character profile:


Here’s the moment when Red first meets Terence in The Angry Birds Movie:

Images show how much his size stands out from the rest of the birds who tend to huddle and flock around him:




Remind you of anyone?


And for another Angry Birds connection, take another look at the interview. At 1:03, there’s a cut and zoom on big red momma bird Lisa Finch as she angrily declares “My son was not a gamer.” At this moment, the logo for The Wichita Eagle suddenly appears in the upper left corner, looming over the scene:


In the Angry Birds universe, there is a mysterious, legendary character called the Mighty Eagle:


Here’s the scene in The Angry Birds Movie where the Mighty Eagle who “sees all and knows all” is finally revealed, similarly looming over the lesser birds:

The scene kinda makes you wonder if they’re “taking the piss” with this shooting story. Seems like they’re trying to rile us up and pit the “angry birds” against the reckless, power-abusing “pigs” once again!

EDIT: Also, not that this means much (if anything) but I also noticed something interesting when I did a Google search for “Angry Birds” and “SWAT.” The very first result was this video from the Fun4YoungKids channel with the curious title “ANGRY BIRDS Evolution // #11 CHAPTER 9 – UNDER SIEGE – SWAT SERGEANT”:


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