Septic Shock & the Idea Men


This is a follow-up to my previous post about Jim Henson’s possible involvement in creating the Zapruder film. I originally wrote this as a reply to this comment on the Fakeologist post that originally inspired my investigation. Here’s what I wrote (with a couple new additions):

Thanks, Tom. Yes, that LIFE cover can definitely be taken as a tell, with Kermit sitting in the the director’s chair! And while I appreciate the video, I do get the same creeping feeling about “Polarization Nation.” In fact, I’m wondering if this video being released at this time is no coincidence. A video that makes an intriguing suggestion about the Zapruder film being staged with the possible use of a prop body without really explaining it very well in a way that almost seems intentional. And with a focus on humor that renders it dismissible to the casual viewer.

And here’s another strange “coincidence” that makes me wonder if this is part of some kind of coordinated disclosure. I wrote the two replies about Henson’s death in response to tokarski’s comment below on the evening of January 9th just before going to bed. On January 11th, this story that appears to have been published on the 10th (the day after my comments) showed up on the Yahoo homepage:

From the article:

Within two days, Baughman’s health took a turn for the worse. He was running a fever on and off. On Wednesday, he went to a Westmoreland County emergency room, then was flown to UPMC Presbyterian in Pittsburgh where he died not even 24 hours later.

His mother said it was from complications from the flu. According to his family, he did not get a flu shot.

Organ failure due to septic shock caused by influenza,” she said. “It doesn’t seem real.”

It doesn’t seem real,” eh? Now, from Henson’s bio:

During the production of his 1990 projects, Henson traveled continuously. By late Spring, Henson began to experience recurring flu-like symptoms…

Following twenty hours in intensive care at New York Hospital, Henson died at 1:21 a.m. on May 16; he was 53 years old…

At the time of Henson’s death, doctor David Gelmont first announced that he died from Streptococcus pneumoniae, a bacterial infection that causes bacterial pneumonia. However, on May 29, Gelmont later confirmed that Henson’s cause of death was organ failure resulting from streptococcal toxic shock syndrome (caused by Streptococcus pyogenes).

More on Henson’s death and septic/toxic shock:

And I think I may have found a hidden Henson connection on “Kyler Baughman’s” Instagram. From last February:


An “Idea Man” with colored circles around him. Seem familiar? From Henson’s 1966 film The Idea Man that I discussed in my previous post:


Also, if you do a Google News search for Jim Henson, this story comes up from December 21st (18 days before PN’s video):

From the Dallas Observer, a story about the Jim Henson Co. making the puppets for a film project by a production company headed by a man named Dallas Sonnier. Dallas… Dealey Plaza? The company’s name is Cinestate which makes me think of cinema created by “The State.” The article mentions another one of Cinestate’s projects entitled Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich.

Another article about Cinestate from a week earlier shows a “corpse prop”:

If this is all just a coincidence, then we are definitely living in a magically synchronistic universe! So either that should be the “top news story” of the day OR that the “cine-state” is making propaganda films and presenting them as reality (while dropping in little hints for those with eyes to see).

There’s actually something else about the news report on Baughman’s death that could be a Muppet reference but I risk coming off like an insensitive psychopath if this tragic story really is true. Although I also have to wonder if the name “Baughman” could be a reference to “fake victim” Jeff Bauman from the Boston Marathon bombing. Anyway, I’ll just say to look at the mother’s physical appearance and listen to the father’s voice in the video. Remind you of any famous couple you’ve seen and heard before? Ugh, sorry!

And speaking of Muppet couples, I also have to say that Kyler and his fiancé (who seems to be taking his passing pretty well, judging from her expression in the above news report) look rather Muppet-like in their final photo together on Kyler’s Instagram. Is there a pair of recent Muppet or Sesame Street characters that wear similar hats? I have a vague image like that in my mind for some reason. Let me know in the comments if you know anything about it.

UPDATE (1/16/18):

I also wonder if Jim Henson reportedly dying of “toxic shock syndrome” could have a symbolic significance in that the JFK assassination shown in the graphically disturbing Zapruder film was a sort of “toxic shock” that infected the collective consciousness along with the “paranoid minds” of the conspiracy theorists who then spread all sorts of crazy stories about “who really killed JFK.”

Also, for those who didn’t see my replies about Henson’s death on the Fakeologist thread, as mentioned in his Wiki bio, the media first reported his cause of death as “pneumonia.” The Washington Post, New York Times and Los Angeles Times all originally reported this. Ask any person “What killed Jim Henson” and if they have an answer, it will invariably be “Pneumonia.” Well, you may recall one of the most memorable moments on The Muppet Show which was actually the first sketch in the show’s premiere episode:

That’s Henson himself voicing the “Mahna-Mahna” puppet. Well, try this… Go to Google and type “What killed Jim Henson?” and before you press enter, sing the question in the same tune as the twin pink Muppets sang “Doo-doo doo-doo-doo.” Now press enter and what do you see in big letters? Another possible inside joke and “famous last word” by Henson? We even have Kermit and the old men in the balcony pondering what “Mahna-Mahna” could mean. With the skit ending with Henson’s Muppet getting in one last “Mahna-Mahna” after leaving through the studio’s EXIT door, I have to wonder!



4 thoughts on “Septic Shock & the Idea Men

  1. CATRABBIT January 16, 2018 / 5:22 am

    This could be way off and reaching, but reading your post made me think of a news story I read in recent weeks about a girl contracting toxic shock syndrome. I looked it up and found the following.

    The still on the video about Smart Tampons at the end of the story reminds me of the book cover with balls and lines.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Terran Downvale January 16, 2018 / 10:38 am

      Yes! I did see that story pop up on Yahoo the other day as well. And this connects back to “Kyler Baughman” with her being a double amputee like “Jeff Bauman” from the Boston Marathon bombing. The version of the story I saw was the most recent one after she had her second leg removed:

      But I see from your link that her story was put out there a few weeks before Baughman’s. As for those connected balls, that is strange to see that again! And “Smart tampons” no less, which brings back the notion of “ideas.” I guess this is a common way of representing “connected ideas” in graphical form. If I were to make a diagram showing the connections in these stories, I would use different colored circles connected to each other. Here’s an example of one I did a couple years ago:

      This is something I’ve stopped doing for the most part as I believe I may have gone a little overboard with the “connections” in the past. The problem with these things is that there may be some genuine connections that show the stories are fabricated, but there may also be some genuine coincidences mixed in and it can be difficult (if not impossible) to discern the difference. And I think that those creating these stories know this and use it to their advantage. “Revealing the deception” in this way allows those who trust the news sources to dismiss such findings as mere coincidences, and in some cases, they may be right! So as always, we find ourselves in a very difficult position as people who know the media is lying to us and are trying to “prove it” to those who don’t.


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